The University College Alumni Association (UCAA) is the official representative of all students that have graduated from University College Utrecht (UCU). Since the graduation of the first 17 UCU students in 2000, the UCU alumni population has grown to 1915 alumni in 2011, spread all over the world.

The Association was officially founded by a couple of alumni in December 2001. These alumni formed the foundation of what has grown to an established network of UCU alumni, where the UCAA seeks to demonstrate the importance of alumni, advice UCU on alumni policy and ensure alumni bonds. The academic year of 2011-2012 is the Lustrum year of the UCAA.

The objective of the UCAA is to preserve the connection between alumni and the College, thereby also providing current UCU students with a valuable source of information and an accessible alumni network. UCUniverse is the main vessel through which this network is connected.

Main projects of the UCAA include the yearly magazine Post (formerly known as the QuaQuaVersal), the Alumni Reunion, the Career Conference, the Alumni Pubquiz, and alumni drinks in various cities throughout the world. The UCAA cooperates with the UCU Alumni Officer, College Hall, UCU teachers and staff, the University College Student Association (UCSA) and the All Students Council (ASC) to integrate students and alumni in their activities. Additionally, the UCAA appoints regional representatives and rewards a graduating student with the Alumni Award each year.

Alumni are updated on the whereabouts and activities of their fellow alumni and interesting events by means of the regular newsletters by e-mail and through our social media channels Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Twitter. Most events take place on or near UCU campus, although the alumni drinks are organized in The Hague, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Oxford, Brussels and New York as well, with drinks in other regions to be added soon. The Post and its online counterpart, TalkingPost, include articles written by alumni on global issues in their respective fields, as well as artistic content produced by UCU alumni. Readers are encouraged to engage in discussions on the various topics presented and are very welcome to send in their own contribution.

The UCAA deems it important to function successfully as a professional alumni network accessible to all UCU alumni. In order to succeed at that, input and cooperation from all our alumni is highly appreciated.

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