Newsletter September 2013

Dear alumni,

We proudly present to you the UCAA Newsletter for September 2013! Now that Summer is over and many of you are starting exciting things again, here’s some news from alumni affairs.

Sincerely yours,

The UCAA Board

Lustrum Party

Fifteen years ago UCU first opened its doors, still as a partial construction site, with Facebook not yet a procrastination opportunity. Since then, over 2,000 of us have passed through the gates. We want to celebrate this milestone in good old tradition, together with current students, some faculty, and probably a surprise guest or two. Make sure that we, the alumni, are not only there for some food for nostalgia, but that we can show them all how to party!

Join your fellow alumni on Friday September 6 from 21.00 in the UCSA Bar!

Post Survey

Last month we sent out a new Post, which we of course hope you have enjoyed reading. (Didn’t get one? Send us an e-mail with your correct address and we’ll try to still get one to you.) To figure out how you’ve liked Post so far and how we can make it even better we’d very much appreciate if you could fill out our short little survey (it will take you less than 5 minutes). Your reward will be getting your voice heard and even awesomer Posts in the future.

Board Positions & Vacancy

Lots of changes in the UCAA Board to inform you about: First off, our handsome & beloved Chair Kiran Coleman (’05) (who’s definitely not writing this about himself in the third person) is leaving the board after 3 years of dutiful service and his position will be taken over by our great PR/External Representative Luisa Kühlmann (’09). Her tasks will be done by Indra Spronk-Baas (’06), while the Secretary position will henceforth be filled by Roeland van Beek (’11). All this has resulted in a vacancy opening up for the Events Coordinator position. So if a (partly paid) position on the UCAA board is something you might be interested in, now’s your chance! For more info on the position and how to apply, click here.

Pub Quiz

Up for a night of good fun, beer, and very-useful-information with friends? The UCAA Pub Quiz is coming to fulfill your needs. No exact date has been set yet – as soon as we know more, you will too – so find your teammates, update all your knowledge, and keep an eye on your inbox.

About universitycollegealumniassociation

The UCAA is the official representative of all University College alumni.

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