Events Coordinator Vacancy

The UCAA is looking for a new Events Coordinator! Are you an enthusiastic alumnus or alumna who wishes to remain involved with the UCU alumni community? Read on! The UCAA board is responsible for representing alumni affairs on campus and tries to ensure the maintenance of an active alumni network through reunions, events, the annual magazine Post, and more.

The Events Coordinator is responsible for either organizing or coordinating the team that organizes the different UCAA events. This includes the yearly pub quiz, the Summer event, and any other events you’d like the UCAA to organize. The events coordinator also maintains the contacts with the UCAA regional representatives all over the world. Other tasks, like becoming a part of the Post editorial board, can always be discussed.

Being a board member gives you valuable and demonstrable experience in many important areas, like team work, organizational skills and project management. You’ll be able to give back to your alma mater, expand your network and, most importantly, have fun.

Board members are partially reimbursed for the hours they spend on alumni affairs. Involvement in the board also allows you to participate in UCU’s international student recruitment with the possibility to visit educational fairs abroad. Time spent working at these fairs is also reimbursed. As the board is seated in Utrecht, it’s preferable if candidates either live in the area or have the ability to regularly travel there (should this not apply to you, having a working Skype connection also goes a long way). There are no fixed terms, though we ask Board members to expect to want to stay on for at least one year. Time investment is approximately 5 hours per week, plus a monthly Board meeting and attending the occasional UCU, UCAA and UU events and meetings.

Interested? Send your CV and a short motivation to If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

About universitycollegealumniassociation

The UCAA is the official representative of all University College alumni.

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