UCAA Newsletter May 2013

Dear alumni,

Welcome to the UCAA Newsletter for May 2013! Here’s some of what’s going on in the world UCU alumni affairs right now:

Life after UC?! We’ve all been through it! Do you have an interesting perspective on how your Liberal Arts & Sciences background at UCU has affected your prospects on the labor market? We’re looking for participants to attend UCU’s Lustrum conference “Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Labor Market” this September. E-mail ucu.lustrumucu@uu.nl to let us hear your story!
Please note that attendance to the Lustrum is limited. If you are invited and cannot meet the costs of your attendance, we may be able to support you.

Summer event coming up June 22nd
Summer is almost there! Will you be in or near the Netherlands in June? Come celebrate the scarce warm weather with us at the UCAA Summer Event on campus on June 22. There will be drinks, fun and a barbecue – there’s no reason to miss out on seeing your old friends again. More details will follow soon, save the date!

New treasurer
The UCAA is very happy to welcome its newest board member, Babak Mohammadzadeh (UCU class of 2010), who is serving as our new treasurer. We’re very happy to have him on board!

Donation withdrawals
As you may or may not have noticed if you’re a UCAA contributor, the donations for 2013 (that are usually withdrawn in December) have not happened yet; this because of the transition period that took place between treasurers. Now that we do again have an awesome new treasurer, we are putting him to work and the withdrawals for those who filled out a contribution form before the start of 2013 will take place in early June. Should you wish to become a contributor starting next year (and why wouldn’t you?), the information on how to do so can be found here.

Sincerely yours,
The UCAA Board

About universitycollegealumniassociation

The UCAA is the official representative of all University College alumni.

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