UCAA Newsletter September 2012

Dear Alumni,

Welcome to the UCAA Newsletter for September 2012! Here’s some of what’s going on in the world UCU alumni affairs right now:

New Board Positions
Blatantly copying the foliage, the UCAA Board is currently undergoing some changes. After more than 2 years of being an awesome Vice-Chair, Iris Otto (‘09) is laying down her position. Her tasks will be taken over by our Secretary Kiran Coleman (‘05), who will take on the heretofore vacant position of Chair. In January our equally awesome PR/External Representative Leonie Hussaarts (‘08) will be vacating her position, meaning that if you’d like to join the board now or in the near future, there are two vacancies for you to apply to. More info and how to apply can be found here.

Oliver Wyman Workshop

On the evening of November 1st the UCAA and Oliver Wyman are teaming up to organize a workshop for all (soon to be) graduates who are interested in finance, strategy consulting and have a strong international view of the world. If you’d like to know more about how the financial system works and want to get an expert’s view on recent developments, you can sign up by sending an e-mail to info@ucaa.nl. For more info: click here or send us an e-mail.


Post is on the hunt again! We’re looking for articles, spiffy or long-form, maybe a dash of fiction, on the rocks. We also love poems (although we haven’t had any yet, so please help us out of our poem virginity phase) and we really love creative content, photography, illustrations, cartoons, graffiti, objets trouvés, BRING IT ON!* So, please, get in touch and tell us what you’d like to submit.
*Not a crappy cheerleader movie reference (nor a GREAT cheerleader movie reference).

Regional Facebook Groups
Did you know that besides the regular facebook group where you can talk with your fellow alumni, there are also a whole bunch of regional groups? To make it even easier to find and interact with the alumni in your area, we put together a list of all the currently existing groups, which you can find here. Check it out, join the one closest to you, and if there’s an alumni hub we’ve overlooked, let us know.

Sincerely yours,
The UCAA Board


About universitycollegealumniassociation

The UCAA is the official representative of all University College alumni.

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