UCAA Newsletter September 2010

Dear alumni,

As most of you are returning to your jobs or colleges after the summer holidays, the UCAA has also switched back into full gear, working hard to bring you a new academic year filled with fun and stimulating events.

Keeping with the last newsletter’s theme of changes within the UCAA, you may have noticed the new design of the newsletter you’re reading. We hope it’s to your liking and readable in all different e-mail programs (if not you can always click the online version).

Another change we are very happy to announce is that Sarah Carmichael (class of ’06) has joined the UCAA Board as your new treasurer. Though we are sad to say goodbye to Mark Ruitenbeek (class of ’07) and the excellent work he’s done for the Board and Career Conference these past years, we are glad to have found such a great replacement in Sarah and are excited to be working with her.

Lastly, as you may have noticed, we sent our annual alumni magazine, the Quaquaversal, out to the addresses you have listed on UCUniverse.com. If, for some reason, you did not receive this year’s magazine, please check whether your listed address is still correct (and change it if it’s not), send us an e-mail at info@ucaa.nl and we’ll make sure you still get a copy.

 Sincerely yours,

The UCAA Board


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The UCAA is the official representative of all University College alumni.

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